Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kindness Gems from Around the World...(Wide Web)

Here are some of my favorite kindness quote and images from around the world wide web! Along with an awesome video by LifeVestInside. The video shows just how much of an impact on small act of kindness can make. They also have an elementary curriculum for incorporating kindness lessons into kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms! The lessons align with the Common Core State Standards so teachers don't have to find additional time to teach the lessons but can use these lessons as one way of meeting those standards. Unfortunately, as standardized testing and evaluating teachers become increasingly "hot topics" in education, teachers have less freedom to teach other important life lessons that matter. Life Vest Inside seems to understand that kindness is too important to be pushed aside. Curious about how the name Life Vest Inside relates to kindness? Their slogan is, "Because kindness keeps the world afloat!"

Here's the video!

And here are some other kindness gems!

Which kindness quote is your favorite? And do you think kindness should be taught in school? Leave answers in the comments space below!


  1. Yes! After working in schools as a school-based counselor, I always saw the need for kindness to be taught, as well as self-esteem building. If kindness is not taught by teachers or if there is not a community or environment of kindness, I think it makes it harder for kids to focus on learning and also for them to have friendships in school.

    1. I agree that an environment of kindness can help students learn... When they have a positive relationship with their teacher I think I have learned that they are more receptive to working together, learning, and putting effort into their work.