Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kindness Gems from Around the World...(Wide Web)

Here are some of my favorite kindness quote and images from around the world wide web! Along with an awesome video by LifeVestInside. The video shows just how much of an impact on small act of kindness can make. They also have an elementary curriculum for incorporating kindness lessons into kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms! The lessons align with the Common Core State Standards so teachers don't have to find additional time to teach the lessons but can use these lessons as one way of meeting those standards. Unfortunately, as standardized testing and evaluating teachers become increasingly "hot topics" in education, teachers have less freedom to teach other important life lessons that matter. Life Vest Inside seems to understand that kindness is too important to be pushed aside. Curious about how the name Life Vest Inside relates to kindness? Their slogan is, "Because kindness keeps the world afloat!"

Here's the video!

And here are some other kindness gems!

Which kindness quote is your favorite? And do you think kindness should be taught in school? Leave answers in the comments space below!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Some Bloglovin' Lovin!

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I love reading blogs and could honestly read them all day. I like seeing what other people have to say and share and enjoy seeing people's personalities come out through their writing! I've signed up on Bloglovin' to follow other people's blogs but also recently added my own! Now its easier to follow and get updates on new blog posts from your favorite bloggers!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My New To-Do List

 I’m a big fan of TO-DO Lists. Crossing things off is so satisfying. I like feeling productive. I like having a clear goal. But typically my To Do List looks something like this:

  1.  Read for class
  2.  Go grocery shopping
  3.  Put laundry away
  4.  Answer email
  5.  Take out my trash
  6.  Get gas for my car
  7.  Write a paper

All these things are necessary. Yes it is satisfying to have clean laundry and get that homework assignment done. To have an uncluttered inbox and an uncluttered room. But as I read Romans 12 this morning, a new To-Do List popped out at me. A list of things with so much more eternal value. A list that furthers God’s kingdom and builds up those around me. So what is on my new To-Do List? Here it is: 
  1. To genuinely and whole-heartedly love. My God and everyone He has brought into my life. To build relationships and show honor and respect to everyone around me. –Romans 12:9-10
  2.  Seek the good. Look for the good in everyday. Hold onto that good. –Romans 12:9
  3. Continuously fuel yourself and be enthusiastic about serving God. Always be ready to serve Him by continuously fueling yourself with the Spirit. This might also include resting in His presence to recharge when necessary. –Romans 12:11
  4.  Rejoice in hope. Be cheerful and thankful that Jesus is who He says He is and that His promises will come true. –Romans 12:12
  5. Be patient in tribulation. Try not to get discouraged when the going gets tough. Stay motivated. Stay determined. Keep moving forward. –Romans 12:12
  6. Be constant in prayer. Pray for yourself. For others. For the world. Offer prayers of thanksgiving, as well as prayers of sorrow and need. And then, don’t forget to listen. Don’t forget to be patient (see #4), and don’t forget to have hope (see #3). –Romans 12:12
  7. Help those in need and share the gifts you have been given. Get creative in the ways that you help; God gave us each unique gifts. –Romans 12:13
  8. Show empathy and give everyone a chance. Live at peace with one another, not holding grudges and not judging each other. –Romans 12:15-19
  9. Be kind, even to those who hurt you. –Romans 12:14, 20

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wood, Yarn, and Nails... A Quick Craft Post!

A friend of mine made me something similar to this with wire and that is where I got the idea. But for this one I used yarn. This was a gift for my Grand Little (my Little's Little!) and I used yarn instead of wire. Of course it is blue and blue for Kappa and I made our sorority letters but you could spell out any word or name. It's a multi step process but not too hard! Forewarning: a hammer and nails are involved.

I bought this wood at Joann's but you could use any piece of wood you have laying around.

Hopefully you don't get paint on the carpet like I did but if you do, immediate water does wonders to get it out!

I painted the board and let it dry.

Print or draw letters that you can cut out and trace. I traced them with dots, only where I wanted to put the nails.

This pack of nails was from Target but you could use any nails from around your house. This really is a good project for using up miscellaneous hardware!

Pound the nails into the outline of the letters leaving about 0.5-0.75" raised up. This doesn't look like the letters now but it will with the yarn. 

Tie the yarn onto one corner and start wrapping around the outline. When the letter outline is as thick as you want it (I went around about 4 times) tie it off around a nail or to the tail of yarn from where you began. I tied two tails into a bow. Do this for the whole word, each letter separate. I also added a key charm for an added touch off the last letter. 

Finish embellishing in anyway you like! I used puffy paint to add the statement, "Kappa is for Life!"

If you made one of these, what word would you make?

Friday, April 12, 2013

God Will Hold Them: A New Way to Pray

We grow close to people through conversation. We grow close to them by spending time with them. Building a relationship takes time and effort to maintain. Our relationship with God is no different. We need communication with Him. We need to spend time with Him.

Because of this, I recognize the importance of prayer.  But often I feel like I just don't know how to pray, how to form my worries and worship into words. I want to pray for others. I want to pray for the concerns in my heart, but sometimes I don't know what to pray for, what to ask for, what they need. Lately, I have been trying something new when praying for others. Rather than stumbling over words, trying to decipher what they need, and sometimes giving up the prayer all together, I am picturing them in God's hand. It's a powerful picture. God literally is holding them. Holding us.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."
-Isaiah 41:10 (NIV)

He is holding me and He is holding the one I wish to pray for. I can release my concerns knowing that they are resting in the hands of the One who controls all things. I don't have to ask for anything, except that God continue to hold them.

Images via Pinterest

Friday, April 5, 2013

Philanthropy Friday: Little Dresses for Africa


Today I am featuring an organization I saw a few years ago called Little Dresses For Africa. They collect donations of simple hand-made dresses and then deliver them to countries around Africa. Not only does this provide children with much needed clothing, it gives travelers the opportunity to share hope and love with these girls. I love that their website states, "We're not just sending dresses, we're sending hope." They aim to show girls that they are worthy.

The dresses are made of simple patterns or even pillow cases and tutorials are available here. Don't sew? No problem! The organization also collects supplies for shipping the dresses and suggestions are listed on their website.

Such a great way to use creative talent to share hope! I'm thinking of having a dress making party this summer... Let's make some dresses and share some hope!