Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reading, Wondering, Hoping... A Post About What's Happening!

A fun little exercise I saw on LittleMissMomma! What’s currently happening in your life?

Enjoying: The cool autumn air and sunshine!


Listening: to some new [to me] songs- “I Can Just Be Me” (Laura Story), “Live and Breathe” (More than Rubies), all songs by Tricia (Superchick singer gone solo), Holly Starr, Jamie Grace

Cooking: pancakes… It has taken practice but I am getting there.

Drinking: good old H2O. And coffee with milk J

Reading: textbooks, textbooks, research articles, and textbooks! But I’m also in the middle of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, and Grace Eventually by Anne Lamott.

Looking: at job postings, even though I don’t graduate until May.

Wasting: some of my headspace on worries

Sewing: a t-shirt quilt. It’s been in progress for two years.

Wishing: I made more time for crafting

Liking: yoga

Loving: random supportive texts from my mom <3

Wondering: which weekend we gain an hour of sleep with day light savings.

Hoping: that graduation comes sooner rather than later. But…

Marveling: at how fast time goes!

Needing: a creative spark

image via Pinterest
Tried to locate the original source, no luck...
Smelling: cinnamon hazelnut coffee- best.smell.ever.

Wearing: Scarves and jackets! It’s that time of year again!

Forever 21

Following: Pinterest boards full of lovely lettering

Thinking: about the possibilities of the future

Focusing: on the here and now. Well, trying…

Bookmarking: The Purdue OWL APA Writing Style guide!

Learning: to crochet! I keep missing stitches and making triangles.


  1. sounds good. would love to see your tshirt quilt when its done.