Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fashion Tips from a 5-Year Old: Belts!

Today my niece gave me a fashion tip:
Now I don't know if I agree with the ALWAYS part, but it is some decent advice and can produce some pretty cute outfits. Honestly, "belting" used to intimidate me. One of those things that looks cute on other people and on Pinterest, but that I could never pull off myself. But I have since gotten braver with the belt trend and here are a few cute outfit inspirations I found...

from La Vie Petite
I love the jacket with this one!

from Cape Cod Collegiate
So simple. So cute! Love the scarf and the maroon top!

from LOFT
 A belt can add a pop of color!

from TeenagersPosts tumblr
My personal favorite! Summery and comfy. Brown belts are so versatile!

Which is your favorite?


  1. That little girl looks familar. But the one I know is not that grown up. :) <3 Aunt Mary

    1. Oh yes she is!! Five years old and quite fashionable!